Top Marques - Press release

Tushek introduces at Top Marques Monaco the TS 900 Hybrid Aero Update and the TS X000 Concept.

Tushek, the exclusive Slovenian hypercar manufacturer, presents at its stand in Top Marques Monaco, the latest updates from the TS 900 model line and introduces for first time to the public the general lines of its future model.

TS 900 Aero Update

The Aero Update showcased is part of the package reserved for the TS 900 Racer Pro, the track only version of its model line.
Arguably the most important performance provider and difference between the two TS 900 models, the aero package is being supplemented by a weight loss of more than 140 KG’s, a manufacturing process and parts 80% different comparing to the Apex, and a power to weight ratio to 1,13 HP for every 1 KG of dry weight (batteries included).

These are almost unconceivable values for a hybrid hypercar with power delivery to the wheels exceeding 1350 HP.
First introduced in 2021, the TS 900 Racer Pro is undergoing development and testing and is scheduled to enter production in 2024.

Limited to just 12 units worldwide, the racing hypercar takes performance to extreme and is designed to provide the ultimate performance on the racetracks.

TS 900 Apex

The street legal version of the TS 900 line, the concept of the Apex was first introduced in 2018 and, still today, holds its title as the “World’s Lightest Hybrid Hypercar”.page1image57903360

Boasting a power to weight ratio of 1:1, the Apex is scheduled for production in first part of 2023 and will be delivered in a limited manufacturing run of 36 units.

TS X000 Concept

Today’s hypercar racing is hybrid. As current battery technology is not sufficient to provide proper performance and endurance, Tushek’s mission to manufacture race-bred hypercars led to the company offering only hybrid models for the next 5 years. It’s the only way the driver can enjoy a perfect mix of electric drive and unlimited endurance during racing days. Nevertheless, Tushek is working since several years on its next model, a full electric race-focused hypercar.
Code named TS X000, the preview of the concept is presented for the first time publicly in Monaco.
Benefiting from Tushek’s own patented electric drivetrain, the TS X000 will boast probably the most power ever made available for a car and is intended to become “World’s Lightest Electric Hypercar”, following the footsteps of its predecessor.
Although figures are not yet officially provided it is estimated the power to wheels will be well more than 2000+ HP and the weight will be maintained to the lowest limit acceptable for a true racing car, even if fully electric.
The TS X000 is scheduled for prototyping early next year and estimated to enter production starting 2027.


Founded by Aljoša Tušek , the Slovenian racing champion, more than 14 years ago, Tushek is manufacturing extreme hypercars in strictly limited series.
The company employs the racing experience to design, develop and manufacture hypercars with the goal of providing the ultimate driving experience.

Known for being lightweight and nimble, Tushek models have received excellent appreciations for being agile and fast on and off tracks.
The company is headquartered in Slovenia and is currently investing in its first higher volume assembly lines and R&D centers, scheduled to launch in early 2023.

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