ts 900 racer pro

Challenge the PRO racer in you

The day has come for us to unveil the extremest version of our TS 900 range. Strictly limited to just 12 units the RacerPro is a beast designed to provide the best performance to true racers who love real challenges. With a power : weight ratio of 1.13 HP : 1 KG, the RacerPro includes only whats needed for the highest performance on the race track, and provide its driver with full control over all parameters and balance the power of both drivetrains to reach the optimum handling on every racing track.  

Introducing the aero pack

The Tushek TS 900 Racer Pro has been re-engineered to shed * 145 KG’s and provide the utmost hands-on experience track only!

Every detail and component has been revised to produce such an amazing feat – making the lightest hybrid hypercar even lighter!

* – compared to our other racer in the range – Tushek TS 900 Apex, The Gentleman’s Racer.

Dramatically improved brake cooling system, which is as well a part of the new aero pack.

The dedicated vents ensure 51% increase of the airflow on the carbon ceramic brakes and supply the much needed cooling during extreme, repeated braking.

The 20% larger front splitter and the increased surface of the dive plains with large lateral winglets provide a significantly higher downforce and improved airflow management.

Lexan windshield to improve weight and provide true racing experience

For maximum downforce and performance on race tracks, we have reshaped the rear half of the TS 900, lowering it by 80 mm, which is more than 10% of its height. Such feat was possible via a complete re-engineering of the Racer Pro’s V8 cooling and an overall improved heat management in the rear compartment. 

The lower rear end is coupled with a new designed, significantly larger rear wing, working in synergy to provide 20% more downforce where it matters!

Significantly larger to maximize the downforce, and curved to optimize the overall airflow management under the car, the new diffuser is part of the redesigned aero pack for the track version of the TS 900.

Overhead air intake to double the cooling of the compressor  

New much lighter and better performing exhaust system

At just 1.1 meter high and over 2 meters wide, the TS 900 Racer Pro is almost full 10 centimeters lower than any other renowned hypercars!

Add a 1,13 HP : 1 KG power to weight ratio and you get an explosive mix of power, performance and beauty.

For us aerodynamics is vey important and our cars are build based on performance so we decided to increase side skirts  by 10% to insure best racing performance

Special feature of our extreme racer is carbon wheels to make it look even more aggressive and possible to reach our ultimate weight goal

At Tushek we decided not to paint the car to make it even more extreme, lighter and  provide its driver with true extreme racing experience and it looks good while doing it!

Welcome to the real office

The Racer Pro integrates all major driving controls on the new racing steering wheel, integrated with the new programmed VCU to hand over full control to its driver.

With changes happening in milliseconds, the drivers are able to adapt the car’s handling and performance with almost 3 million combinations, where and when it’s needed on the race track!

We decided to cut the A/C and audio to reduce even more weight and optimise our Racer Pro for racetrack performance

Customized ABS settings – 12 programs

The all new chassis-integrated racing seats.

Functionally inspired by real racing seat technology but featuring a modern, technical architectural design, the new seating in the TS 900 Racer Pro is custom manufactured for each passenger for a perfect anatomical fit, providing significant weight reduction and an increased structural and personal safety.

We decided to build manual doors to ensure safety and reach our weight goal for the lightest hybrid hypercar! 

Carbon kevlar for maximum safety while driving 

5 point racing harmess


TS 900 Racer Pro

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