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Tushek as a company and as a brand is all about perfection. We are constantly innovating to ensure our customers get what they pay for; pure perfection, on and off the road. Buying a Tushek is so much more than just an experience, it is something you will remember for the rest of your life.

Our customers are successful leaders of the industry that value the level of detail with which our cars are built. But they so much more that just customers, they are a part of Tushek’s elite group of racing enthusiasts whose sole desire is to catch that one hundredth of a second to win the race. Our technology enables our customers to feel an absolute connection with the car and with the surface of the tarmac. This shortens the reaction time and gives our customers the feeling of control and confidence to hit the next apex with even more speed and precision.


1979 - 2004

Tushek Company was founded by Aljoša Tushek, a Slovenian who was born in 1965 in Ptuj, Slovenia. At a tender age of 14 years, Tushek quickly became interested in racing. He began racing go-carts and motorbikes and won the Alpe Adria Cup three years in a row. However, when he obtained his driving license, Tushek devoted his racing efforts to only cars. In 1999, he was named rookie of the year in the Fiat Seicento Cup. One year later, he joined and quickly became the best racer in the Petrol Racing Team. Tushek finished his racing career in Target Citroen Factory racing team with Citroen Xsara N-Group during the Slovenian National Cup in 2003. Tushek’s prides himself in Slovenia making supercars that can match the best in the world. His creative imagination is to satisfy his customers by producing quality supercars that are good in tracks and everyday use.

2004 - 2012

2004-2012: In 2004, Tushek used his experience in race cars to build his own supercar. The initial idea was that Tushek would produce a variety of prestigious and efficient K1 Attack sports cars. However, he later decided to develop his own model of supercars. In 2008, he began to design the first prototype of the Renovatio TS 500. Renovatio means ‘rebirth’ because it is the first Slovenian supercar which is 70% different from the previous Slovakian K1 Attack. Tushek T 500 was highly accepted on World Supercars Market. Tushek Supercars Team received good coverage in many international publications and also from its customers.

2008-2012: Tushek built the TS 500 Renovatio and it was showcased at the Top Marquez in Monaco.

2012 - 2015

Tushek built and exhibited the second TS 600 at TopMarquez Monaco in 2014. According to Autocar, TS 600 was ranked fourth among the Top 10 Supercars of 2014 and the same car persists on the top 10 supercars list to this day! Imagine what will happen with the TS900 series.

2015 - PRESENT

Since completion of the Tushek TS600, Aljoša’s team has been determined to create the ultimate hypercar. A lot of research, testing and new radical approaches, stemming from Aljosa’s unique racing experience and feel of the car, were infused in the latest creation of the team: The Tushek TS900 Apex. It’s a technological revolution on 4 wheels, showcasing real-world use of new technologies. It creates new driving dimensions, made possible by the hyper-hybrid technology.

Aggressive sport-looking exterior adds new dimensions to the aerodynamics. Drive train has a lot of patent protected solutions which allows super car extreme performance.


EV car with new age solutions is our next milestone. Concept of the EV car is in the phase of development. As mentioned, the Tushek supercars are more than vehicles, they are also a technology showcase – the solutions implemented in model TS 900 will also be implemented in the Tushek EV series. The exterior of the EV will have a touch of sportiness but technologically, the car will be focused on sustainable and safe electric travel. For example: the new patent protected power train system significantly reduces mechanical friction and reduces the mass (intellectually protected). Basic advantages of upcoming Tushek EV car vs. competition will be more power with less weight and implemented powertrain technology supported with our IPs.

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