ts 900 Apex

The gentleman's racer

• Up to now, the known and applied technology increases mechanical losses, which are manifested in mechanical power gears in the form of heat, noise, wear, lubricating oil, etc.

• Mechanical power transmissions increases the weight of the vehicle and naturally increase the price of the vehicle.

• Last but not least, servicing of mechanical components is necessary.

• Our Tushek TS 900 Hybrid offers you the best experience of electric power in combination with an AUDI FSI V8 compressor engine with Holinger sequential racing gearbox. In our hypercars we use mostly special racing parts such as





The Tushek engineering team has developed a new electric drive system which allows to build lighter, much more efficient cars.

Subject of the invention (filed, registered and protected patents/IP) is the technical system of the electric motor connection, safety couplings with disc brake, internal joint, shaft and homokinetics joint with a beam for mounting the wheel hub.

The key issue of our invention is that it enables the direct transmission of power from an electric motor to the
drive shaft-pole of the vehicle. This system can also be used to drive machinery, vessels or other technical devices.

Another problem solved by our invention lies in the fact that the developed drive assembly provides a 100% power recovery from
the electric motor to the vehicle wheel, as it has no built-in elements that would reduce efficiency, as previously known technical solutions using the transmissions and differentials.

Tushek Ltd. third successfully patented the invention representing that the braking energy generated by the normal braking of the vehicle can be passed over the wheel and shaft to an electric motor which in the event of braking acts as a generator and converts it into electricity and transports it in batteries (partial battery recharge).

• All these components are chosen by Tushek Engineering without compromise. We get all components optimised for our tabular space frame combination of chrome molly and carbon fibre with all exterior and interior carrosserie parts made of carbon fibre.

• This concept allows a driver to experience a completely new way of driving which was not possible before.

• The TS 900 H accelerates in less than 2.3 seconds from 0-100 km/h and reaches a top speed of 380 km/h.

• Because of our ultra-light hybrid concept it is possible
to enjoy the driveability of E-drive also on the racing track; the curb weight of our car is only 1440 kg. The TS 900 H is
so light that there is enough battery power to make 50 km only with drive.

•The communication from car to driver delivers new standards to hypercars.

• With our racing school we offer buyers of the TS 900 H to learn to be one of the fastest drivers with our car on each track day.

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