ts 900 Apex

The gentleman's racer

The ultimate hypercar

Tusehk TS900 Apex was designed only with one goal in mind: To be the ultiumate hypercar!  A lot of research, testing and new radical approaches, stemming from aljosa’s unique racing experience and feel of the car, were infused in the latest creation by the tushek team. WIth this goal we manage to achive 1hp : 1kg ratio and secure the spot for lightest hybrid hypercar on the market.  The Tushek engineering team has developed a new electric drive system which allows to build lighter, much more efficient cars. The result is patented TUSHEK DIRECT ELECTRIC DRIVE (TDED) world’s highest power density divetrain. Our Tushek TS 900 Hybrid offers you the best experience of electric power in combination with petrol engine.


Everything we design is for a purpose. TS900 Apex has the design based on the performance.Our own unique design language creates perfect balance of form and function for extraordinary performance. 

Technology and performance

Our TS900 Apex it’s know for its special connection between the driver and the car. TS900 Apex gives you possibilities beyond imagination with its power to weight ratio, combination between the petrol engine and the extremly light electric drivetrain and incredible control over all of the parameters of the car.


Tushek TS900 Apex includes inovation in all areas. When it comes to technology we developed our patented TUSHEK DIRECT ELECTRIC DRIVE (TDED) world’s highest power density divetrain. TS900 Apex uses two axial flux motors mounted side by side that connect directly to the wheel without any transmission. This results in higher performance due to reduced mechanical losses, simpler control and better driving experience. 


TS 900 Apex

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