At Heart we are Racers!

We specialize in crafting exclusive, limited-series hypercars, prototypes, and bespoke models. 
Our obsession lies in the art of lightweight engineering, precision track agility, and high-performance excellence.

Nestled in Slovenia, we are located near the birthplace of our founder and CEO, Aljoša Tušek, a renowned
Slovenian racing champion. Our motorsport heritage is the driving force behind our philosophy.

What sets us apart is our commitment to pushing the boundaries of performance, design, and individuality.
We take pride in using in-house developed and patented drivetrains, pioneering high-performance and efficiency
in every hypercar we create. With each model, we redefine industry standards. Welcome to our thrilling journey,
where racing DNA fuels innovation and where every car we build is a testament to our passion for speed and excellence.
Join us in celebrating the pursuit of automotive perfection!